About us
                                  Sheffield Owls disabled association

Soda was formed in 2003 when a small group of disabled  supporters
Of Sheffield Wednesday decided that it would be a good idea to try
And set up a disabled group for Sheffield Wednesday as Several other Clubs had already done for their clubs. At that time disabled supporters 
the owls only met with other disabled people who sat near them at Home matches north stand +west stand supporters did not meet.

We were helped by the club when we first started out but have progressed a long way since then and are now self sufficient.
At our first meeting Swfc sent along Julian winters and Pauline Bronks
As club representatives on our committee, Julia moved on a couple of years After, leaving Pauline as the sole Swfc rep.
A committee was set up and rules formulated, our 1st chairman was appointed Chris White. Chris held this post for 20 years but sadly has now. Passed away and is dearly missed .
Since our inaugural meeting, we have run many events Such as social nights, pie & pea suppers, Christmas parties, end of season parties.                          We meet about 4 times a year at Hillsborough.