Stoke city
Getting There & Parking

Car parking is provided onsite with 130 Wheelchair / Large Bays and 91 accessible spaces (standard bays closer to fronts of Car parks) for home supporters and 10 bays for away supporters who are wheelchair users. Access is on one level into the stadium.

Spectator Viewing areas

The stadium offers 186 wheelchair user spaces for disabled fans. Home supporters have 153 spaces for wheelchair users available to them. 12-33 spaces for wheelchair users can be found in the away section for away supporters (dependent on allocation taken by away club). Home spaces are located in the West, North and East Stands and are High Level, Mid-Level or Pitch side. Away spaces are Mid- Level or Pitch side in the South Stand. Only High & Mid-level bays are covered, with PA seats are mixed between side by side or to the rear of WC Spaces. PA seats on High Level bays are side by side, Mid-Level have 5 rear seats and 2 side by side with pitch side bays all PA seats are all side by side.
There are 1525 accessible and amenity seats available for ambulant disabled fans at the stadium.


31 unisex accessible toilets can be found at the stadium, there are:
- 11 located at High Level
- 17 located at Concourse Level
-  3  located at low level